It is nearing the end of the fortieth era, and turmoil rolls over the land. The Eternal Kings, also know as the four towers of the north, where they had kept eternal vigil over a gate of darkness. The four kings each ruled over a city state, where all four were connected to each other by grand walls, the size of which never heard of before. These walls had stood guard after the defeat of the darkness before history could be written, so it is unsure how old, or what they are made of, though tales say it was created by he who shapes. A mysterious ruler, said to be the father of the eternal kings, and never died, only left to let his children rule without worry.

When the year of the wolf had begun, an odd star had fallen at the Northern Pole, where the gate was near. As it impacted, a dark cloud came spewing forth, covering the land behind the walls in clouds of Darkness, no light could enter, nor leave it. When each of the kings decided to send in scouts, all that came back, was madness. those lucky to come home unmarred spoke of things that were never there in the frozen tundra before, it was as if another world had leaked from the darkness, and began forcing the lands to change. This was not to be the only tragedy to strike the city state of Yggdrasil. One night, the heir to the throne, loved by the people as being so kind, and able to fight any challenge that faced him, went missing, thought to have been taken, and murdered by one of those warring cities outside. The king, struck with grief, could no longer go out in public, for it was his only son. The king sent out spies to see if they can find who had done it, but they could never find the information.

The kings made sure to tell those that returned to keep this all a secret, but they had no need to, the scouts all knew they wouldn’t be believed by none other than the commanders or the kings, and went home to try and regain some of what they had lost. The kings all decided to Hire parties of heroes to send out into the void, to make it a crusade to find the gate, and see to it’s destruction once more, and to find out what that comet was. The call went out, and soon, flocks of heroes came to make their mark in the books of history.

That, was last year. More than half of those early parties were lost in the early days, and some came back with only one man, sometimes even whole. whatever was inside, was a force truly to be feared, and rumors began to spread that the call for the world of sateria to form her armies once more, and combine to take on this darkness head on was to come. Sadly, it was only a wish, as some of the other cities not part of the Four towers fought with one another, seeing weakness in some, and opportunities to take riches they thought they could never take, thought none dared try to attack the Four towers and their walls, for it was the only thing containing this dark evil.

Now, as you draw near the Angry Sailors Wife tavern, answering the call to join in this crusade, you were told you would not go alone, and were to meet up with the others, as well as their guide, one of the king’s most trusted people, the Guardians, so secret, some thought they were nothing but stories, still to this day as such. Now, GO CHAMPION, AND READY TO BRING THE FIGHT TO THE DARKNESS, AND RETURN PEACE TO SATERIA!

Sateria's Shadows